"After more than a decade of coaching and volunteering my time for nearly 500 youth, it has become clear to me that many parents and spectators around youth sports fail to understand that some successful programs are trying to accomplish more than a philosophy of building professional athletes. For me, the first priority has been and remains, to mentor and foster good young men and women with team camaraderie, discipline, good work ethics, character on and off of a playing field, academic achievement and unwavering support from parents for their child and all children. Please join me, regardless of your youth program, in advocating and strengthening these basic ethics for our youth." -- Respectfully yours, Coach Steve Korbel
Players must earn all seven rungs of CharacterNATION™ before March 25, 2017.
Their progress can be tracked on their profile/bio page:

A good reputation encompasses many realms of life, on and off the field of play.

Success is directly linked to your decisions. Will you lead or will you follow? Either way, leaders make good decisions.

Knowing the difference between 'right and wrong,' 'fair and unfair,' or 'proper and improper.'

Contribution of self by conducting, supervising, or managing something carefully that is entrusted to your care.

Acknowledging situations and surroundings that require an appreciation.

A foundation of genuine values and principles that you demonstrate in all aspects of your life.

The benefit of good character, reputation and leadership reaped by you and others as a result of your efforts.
No matter what you do in life, CharacterNATION™ says "High Strive to High Thrive"™ and be successful at what you choose!
Strive to become stronger at what you do so you can flourish!

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